Jim Collins is the editor of the MicroCap Guru newsletter.

Jim has been researching stocks since 1992, and actually started on a part-time basis working for a local financial advisor in high school. Jim started his professional career at Lehman Brothers following the automotive sector and subsequently moved to Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette as the U.S. Auto Parts analyst, also attaining the CFA designation.

Jim moved to London in 1998 to originate DLJ’s coverage of the European Auto sector and finished his investment banking career as the head of the top-ranked European Autos research team at UBS.

In 2010 Jim founded Portfolio Guru, LLC. Through his company Jim provides fee-only, separately-managed asset management services ‎for individual clients and has published a newsletter devoted to the gospel of income investing.
Jim is a columnist for Forbes.com and Real Money–the premium portal of TheStreet.com‎. Jim’s stock market commentary has been featured on CNN, Bloomberg TV and BNN and in publications such as the The New York Times, Fortune, The Microcap Review and Streetwise Reports.

Along the way Jim realized that not all great stocks pay dividends and that smaller companies are the growth engine of the global economy. So in addition to “boring” income securities like high-yielding stocks, bonds and preferreds,‎ Jim’s Portfolio Guru, LLC also offers an investment product based on MicroCaps.

MicroCaps are inherently riskier than large stocks due to their size and relative liquidity, but the return potential is equally outsized.

So, the MicroCap Guru monthly newsletter will offer ‎readers the benefits of Jim’s 25 years of equity research experience geared toward identifying the next breakout stocks.  Jim’s rigorous, analytical approach will help small investors sort out the winners from the sinners in the wild and woolly world of small stocks.
Why subscribe to the MicroCap Guru newsletter?

  • The MicroCap Guru will identify stocks that are substantially undervalued by the market. Jim will use time-honored equity research techniques to identify companies thriving in fundamentally-attractive industries and to select stocks trading at large discounts to fair value. The numbers are what make a good “story” a good investment, and Jim has a quarter century’s experience of analyzing balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flows.
  • The MicroCap Guru will offer top-down ‎market analysis, which is woefully lacking in other newsletters devoted to small stocks.  Stocks don’t exist in a vacuum, and one must understand the macro conditions in the financial markets and global economy before buying any stock.
  • Companies recommended in the MicroCap Guru will form a reference portfolio, the performance of which will be presented in each monthly issue. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly…market performance of recommended stocks will be presented transparently and honestly.

‎Thank you for your interest.

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