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What is MicroCap Guru?

MicroCap Guru is a microcap financial newsletter
that features news and insights from the microcap
and emerging growth financial community.
Why Subscribe to the MicroCap Guru newsletter?
The MicroCap Guru will identify stocks that are substantially undervalued by the market. Jim will use time-honored equity research techniques to identify companies thriving in fundamentally-attractive industries and to select stocks trading at large discounts to fair value. The numbers are what make a good "story" a good investment, and Jim has a quarter century's experience of analyzing balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flows.
The MicroCap Guru will offer top-down market analysis, which is woefully lacking in other newsletters devoted to small stocks.

Companies recommended in the MicroCap Guru will form a reference portfolio, the performance of which will be presented in each monthly issue. The Good, The Bad, and The performance of recommended stocks will be presented transparently and honestly.

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